When we say No Questions Asked, that’s what we mean. You will never need to call, write or email explaining anything. If a COD™ product ever fails for any reason we will take it back and replace it free of charge for life. Because we ride, we know that accidents happen, biker’s crash and get hit every day. If you are ever in a crash and have our product(s) on your bike, we will replace all COD™ items free of charge. This warranty DOES NOT cover COD™ apparel, stickers or non COD made products. Below are some other things that we will cover;

Abrasion Holes: Yes

Broken Zipper: Yes

Cuts: Yes

Burns: Yes

Torn attachment systems: Yes

Broken stitching: Yes

Bullet Holes: Yes

Stolen COD products: No, must have a COD™ product to return for replacement.

Stolen Bike: Yes, must have copy of insurance adjustment claim. If your bike was stolen we will replace the COD™ products for free.